Man Almost Robbed in Growing Craigslist Scam
Business & Crime News: Craiglist screenshot

Whether you're looking for an apartment, a couch, or a certain midnight liaison (nobody's judging), remember that is still a favourite hangout for scammers, and a pretty seedy one at that. At the other extreme of the recent hilarious story of a man using Craigslist to sell his two children is the disturbing wave of violent robberies directed at bargain-hunting shoppers that respond to fake ads...

Travelers Let Out a Sigh of Relief as a ''Passenger's Bill of Rights'' is Created

Everyone knows someone with an airplane delay horror story. For years, getting stuck on the tarmac for hours has been a risk one takes when flying, especially during the holidays. Today, though, the Obama administration took a stand and created a bill of rights for passengers. Domestic airlines will now be required to let passengers deplane after a delay of three hours. They will also be required to provide functioning bathrooms, medical care and food and beverages within two hours. If airline companies don't comply, they'll be forced to pay $27,500 per passenger who was kept on the plane after three hours. ...

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