Videos Shot By Ordinary People Make Up YouTube's "Life in a Day" Documentary Film
YouTube's "Life in a Day" is their largest online video event to date

The filming and submission period for "Life in a Day" has officially ended, and those who took part now have to wait and see if they will get a chance to “be a part of history.” YouTube's biggest video event, this "user-generated documentary" is a collection of short movies representing the life of individuals from around the world in a single day...

India Creates The $35 Laptop
India has just introduced the world to the $35 tablet laptop

Blending together two unheard-of concepts in the technology world: solar power and super affordability, India has just designed a prototype for a laptop that will cost the public only $35. Called the “Sakshat,” it was developed by top talent from India's Institute of Technology and the Indian Institute of Science. A manufacturer is currently being sought by Its creator, Kapil Sibal... Matches You With Friends - For A Fee
Rent A Friend is the new online friendship trend

If you are too embarrassed to use online dating sites, is here to make you feel ashamed no more. Capitalizing on the free and easily attainable notion of friendship, the site garners about 100,000 hits a month since its launch six months ago. Profiles are generated depending on your location, and any “friend” you choose to hire is paid on an hourly basis, ranging anywhere from $10 to $150...

Giant Sinkhole Opens Up in Guatemala City
Science News: Guatemala City sinkhole

No, this is not a CGI effect from a Hollywood Movie. This natural disaster is gaining worldwide attention because of the tremendous visual impact of a giant hole over 300 feet deep in the middle of a large city. More pics ...

Fuzzy Orb Threatens to Poach Dissatisfied Facebook Users
Tech News: Fuzzy Orb Logo

All social networking sites have seen a meteoric rise and fall, and with Facebook's growing 'Big Brother' feel to it, it's pretty safe to say it is on the decline. Most evident are the almost 15,000 people who plan to partake in Quit Facebook Day on May 31st. With the millions who are fed up with the privacy intrusions, unannounced, confusing layout changes, and annoying games and apps, the time is ripe for a competitor to step forward and claim users who just want a website to stay in touch with friends and acquaintances. Enter Fuzzy Orb. ...

Pac-Man Hosts Party on Google For 30th Birthday
Tech News: Google Pacman

It's been thirty years since Pac-Man began munching on those delicious white dots with haters of his voracious appetite constantly on his back. Today, the iconic little yellow character finds a huge fan (and birthday shoutout) in Google, who transformed their everyday logo on their homepage into a fully playable arcade game of the 1980's classic...

Google TV: The Highly Anticipated TV Platform
Tech News: Google TV

If you can never quite get enough of anything Google, the advent of Google TV is sure to get something tingling. Googleheads rejoiced today when Google made the announcement at their developers conference in San Francisco that it was working with Sony Corp. to merge the two biggest entertainment mediums, internet and television...

Check out the Google TV Promo

Giant Oarfish Washed Up On Shore After the Species Had Not Been Seen For 130 Years
Science News: Giant Oarfish video taped in deep sea.

A twelve foot Giant Oarfish has been found off the coast of Sweden. Experts say that it is the biggest to be seen for 130 years. ...
Another rare sighting of a Giant Oarfish

HP Buys Long Suffering Palm Brand For $1.2 Billion
Business & Tech News: PalmPilot

Before the iPhone, even before the Blackberry, there was the PalmPilot. On the cutting edge of technology and in the pocket of every suit back in the late nineties, Palm Computing pioneered the Personal Digital Assistant (PDAs). Though the company has found moderate success as of late in the smartphone market with their Palm Centro and Pre models, their weak market share is indicative of the shortcomings that have plagued the company for some time now...

Meteor in Wisconsin Sky Causes Panic
US News: Wisconsin Meteor

What has been so eloquently coined as the "fireball in the sky" has been confirmed as a meteor by The National Weather Service. Late Wednesday night around 10pm, the people of Wisconsin spotted a blinding white light streak across the sky, its magnitude so great that it was seen from the surrounding states. Some reports also include hearing a "prolonged sonic boom". Some chalked it up to an impressive shooting star to a falling plane, but many chose a more morbid path of thinking...
Meteor Video: Truly amazing video of super-bright meteor

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