The Bitter Truth About Your Manhattan

The special ingredient that gives cocktails like Manhattans and Old Fashioneds that special bite has recently been in short supply right across the world. The spicy liquid which gives drinks a pinky/orange kind of color and a distinct flavour, just disappeared during last summer but is slowly coming back...

Meteor in Wisconsin Sky Causes Panic
US News: Wisconsin Meteor

What has been so eloquently coined as the "fireball in the sky" has been confirmed as a meteor by The National Weather Service. Late Wednesday night around 10pm, the people of Wisconsin spotted a blinding white light streak across the sky, its magnitude so great that it was seen from the surrounding states. Some reports also include hearing a "prolonged sonic boom". Some chalked it up to an impressive shooting star to a falling plane, but many chose a more morbid path of thinking...
Meteor Video: Truly amazing video of super-bright meteor

Missing Nadia Bloom Found: "I Can't Believe You Guys Rescued Me"
US News: Nadia Bloom

Police in Winter Springs, Florida have confirmed that Nadia Bloom, missing since Friday afternoon, has been found alive and well. Bloom, an 11-year old with Asperger's syndrome, became the focus of a massive area search when her lone bike was found near a wooded area behind the Barrington Estates subdivision in Winter Springs, her bike helmet ominously hanging from the handlebars...

Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens Announces Retirement at 89
US News: Supreme Court Justice JP Stevens

While many others his age are loitering at bus stops and paying for purchases entirely with nickels, Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens has finally turned in his letter of retirement just over a week shy of his monumental 90th birthday. Not only holding the obvious title of the oldest member of court, his bragging rights also include being the leader of the liberal wing and having the longest-serving justice in history.

Explosion in West Virginia Mine Kills At Least 25

Being called the worst U.S. mine disaster since 1984, a ground shattering explosion in the depths of the Upper Big Branch Mine in West Virginia has seen the deaths of 25 miners. The accident happened around 3pm on Easter Monday due to what was suspected to be hazardous conditions at the mine, including the venting of combustible methane gas. ...

Massachusetts Senate Race of National Concern

At 8 o'clock EST tonight, the polls will close in Massachusetts and votes will start being counted for one of the most closely watched mid-term elections in recent history. Voters will be choosing a candidate to fill the late Ted Kennedy's seat, and whether they elect a Democrat or a Republican is so important that this has become a national issue, with Barack Obama himself visiting the state on Sunday to campaign for the Democratic candidate. Currently, the Democrats have a filibuster-proof majority, with 60% of the Senate voting Democrat. If, however, the Massachusetts seat went to a Republican candidate, they would lose that power which would, inevitably, change how the health care reform bill gets passed. According to The Plain Dealer, Republicans are hoping to send a message, by winning this election, that their party has rebounded from the great losses they suffered from the 2008 election. ...

Snow in Florida?

Residents of Florida, the Sunshine State, have experienced a very rare event; snow flurries and sleet have been detected in the central areas of the state according to The Miami Herald and numerous sources. Key West has seen its coldest temperature in 112 years according to News 24. (This Key West record cold was just 47° F. ) ...

Florida Citrus growers become concerned about their crops when temperatures dip below freezing.
Florida's annual citrus crop is over: $9 billion
Flights delayed from Bakersfield Airport

The airport in Bakersfield, CA was closed down this morning due to an "ongoing security incident", according to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Closing down the Bakersfield airport means that no planes can land or depart until the airport is reopened, which should hopefully happen sometime later today. To help deal with the closure of the airport in any incoming flights are being diverted to other airports, mainly to Los Angeles International.

Amanda Simpson appointed by President Barack Obama

Amanda Simpson made headlines this week when President Barack Obama appointed her as Senior Technical Advisor for the Commerce Department. Amanda Simpson made headlines because she is among the first transgenders to be appointed to the federal government. It is Amanda Simpsons hope that while she was not the very first transgender appointee to the federal government that she will be soon one of the hundreds.

Where are Dave, Shelly, and Chainsaw?

If you listen to 101.5 KGB, in San Diego this morning expecting to hear Dave, Shelly, and Chainsaw you probably got a huge surprise. Every morning faithful listeners would tune in to Dave, Shelly, and Chainsaw to get their fill of the morning show. The show was such as huge success that they have released 18 best-of CDs and three motion pictures, all on DVDs. The proceeds that the CDS and DVDs earned all went towards the DSC fund, which helps San Diegans in need.

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