Colt McCoy vs. Tim Tebow: NCAA, NFL and Now Weddings (Video)

Colt McCoy

The duel between NFL rookies Colt McCoy and Tim Tebow continues today in an unexpected battlefield: Colt McCoy's own wedding.

The Saturday wedding was unexpectedly interrupted by the strong passions of NCAA athletes. Jordan Shipley, a fellow Texas Longhorn and Cincinnati Bengals rookie, penned and sang his own song about growing up to be like Colt. The amusing lyrics were well-received by the wedding party until Shipley subtly brought up Tim Tebow, sending the guests into a boisterous frenzy of Texas Longhorn pride.

McCoy married Rachel Glandorf, a graduate of Baylor University, in a ceremony of roughly 550 guests. The wedding was well-attended by Texas notables and University of Texas alumni, where McCoy played his college seasons. Following the wedding and a Bahamas honeymoon, the McCoys will arrive in Cleveland as Colt prepares for the upcoming NFL season.