Amy Mickelson Beats Breast Cancer To See Husband Phil Win Masters

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Amy Mickelson has recently fought an eleven month battle with breast cancer and was well enough to join husband Phil at Augusta, where the championship golfer donned his third green jacket. Among the media coverage of The Masters there has also been a raking up of old rumors in the reporting frenzy. It started with the now 'worn out' Tiger Woods scandal getting most of the limelight and went on to re-examine old, unsubstantiated accusations of infidelity around Phil and Amy Mickelson.

The media sharks claimed that the Mickelson's thirteen year marriage has been plagued by various affairs and sex scandals. First there were unsubstantiated rumors of Phil Mickelson having an affair and fathering an illegitimate child, then there were stories of Amy and Michael Jordan hooking up with each other, but there doesn't seem to be any evidence for either rumor.

There certainly was no lack of emotion there as Amy stood behind the green, tears streaming down her face as she watched husband Phil sink his last putt and win The Masters.

As far as the world knows, Amy and Phil Mickelson are enjoying the after glow following his Masters win.