Chinese Residents Support Local Murderer


Zhang Xuping may be a cold-blooded murderer, but the people of his country are asking the court for leniency on his behalf. In September of 2008, Zhang killed a government official of the Communist Party, Li Shiming. Zhang was hired by a villager from Xiashuixi , a rural town in China, who was tired of being harassed by Li, and many other residents from Xiashuixi shared his sentiment. "I wanted to kill Li myself, but I was too weak," said Xin Xiaomei, a fellow villager, according to The Huffington Post. Li routinely harassed, beat up and stole from people who lived in Xiashuixi, and 20,669 residents signed a petition asking for leniency in his sentencing, despite the fact that Zhang had spent two years planning his murder and even studied anatomy so he could learn how to kill with one strike.

This case clearly illustrates the corruption in the Communist Party, and the Chinese government has tried to keep the details of the court proceedings under wraps, unlike previous trials of defendants who killed government officials. Zhang's trial was originally set for August, but when thousands of people flocked to the court to watch the proceedings, it was postponed until November, according to The Times Online. In addition, when his sentence was given, the state media did not report on their guilty decision, or that he had been sentenced to death. Although Zhang Xuping's lawyer has filed an appeal on the death sentence, and although he has the support of thousands of Chinese, it appears unlikely that the court will reverse their decision.