Deuce McAllister Returns to New Orleans Saints

Deuce McAllister, first-string quarterback for the New Orleans Saints, rejoined the team Friday, just a day before they play the Arizona Cardinals. McAllister has been out since February, 2009 with a knee injury. According to The Sun Herald, he will not dress for the game and will instead serve as an honorary team captain. Even so, his return has large symbolic significance for fans of the Saints, as Deuce is often considered the most popular in the team's history. "Deuce McAllister has always embodied the spirit of the New Orleans Saints and the city of New Orleans" Coach Sean Payton was quoted as saying.

Deuce was seen practicing with the team Friday morning, according to The News Star, and it is still possible that he would play with the team in their second-round playoff game against either the Minnesota Viking or the Dallas Cowboys. The Saints could use the help, as they have recently suffered several injuries. Their regular fullback Heath Evans is out inured and Pierre Thomas, while still expected to play this Saturday, has three broken ribs. To make room on the roster, defensive tackle Rodney Lewis, signed two weeks ago, was placed on inured reserve.