Fuzzy Orb Threatens to Poach Dissatisfied Facebook Users

Tech News: Fuzzy Orb Logo

All social networking sites have seen a meteoric rise and fall, and with Facebook's growing 'Big Brother' feel to it, it's pretty safe to say it is on the decline. Most evident are the almost 15,000 people who plan to partake in Quit Facebook Day on May 31st. With the millions who are fed up with the privacy intrusions, unannounced, confusing layout changes, and annoying games and apps, the time is ripe for a competitor to step forward and claim users who just want a website to stay in touch with friends and acquaintances.

Enter Fuzzy Orb, a new social networking site that is getting closer to the reality of, simply put, being the new Facebook (which is really more like the old Facebook). Out of nowhere, the website got some serious internet buzz, so much so that it crashed the site. Upon visiting Fuzzy Orb, one will immediately notice how bare-bones the site currently is. The opening blurb addresses how it succeeds where Facebook fails, all on a refreshingly bland gray background:

"Yep, it's like other social networking sites except its more private! In other words, a friend of a friend of a friend of a 2nd cousin thrice removed won't see your pictures just because you 'liked' what one of your friends said last Tuesday. You have complete control of who sees the topics you start. You can post new topics that only certain groups of friends (that you create) can see. Or you can let all of your friends know what you are thinking... it's your choice. Parents, you can create an account for your child and have complete control over who becomes friends with them..."

The site hopes that word of mouth will spread, and people not wanting to be a pawn in Facebook's grand marketing ploy will make the switch. For now, there are very few users, which Fuzzy Orb humbly recognizes. However, one must remember that Facebook started the exact same way, before it became the big, faceless corporation it is now. Here's hoping that Fuzzy Orb will now follow the same path.