Giant Oarfish Washed Up On Shore After the Species Had Not Been Seen For 130 Years

Science News: Giant Oarfish video taped in deep sea.

A twelve foot Giant Oarfish has been found off the coast of Sweden. Experts say the rare species had not been spotted in Sweden for 130 years.

Kurt Ove Eriksson, 73, who first spotted the fish that had washed up on shore, described the fish as very long and shiny with whiskers and a pale pink dorsal fin. Experts claim that Giant Oarfish can reach a length of thirty six feet and live in very deep water.

This poor creature was found dead on the path near a Swedish boathouse. Entertainments and showbiz reported the details.


Editors Note:
We happened to run across this video of a Giant Oarfish in it's natural habitat; it was taken 1,500 feet under water by a remotely controlled submarine, and according to the marine biologist that narrates the footage, this may be the only known footage of a Giant Oarfish in its natural habitat. It truly is a unique and beautiful fish.

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