Giant Sinkhole Opens Up in Guatemala City

Science News: Guatemala City sinkhole

No, this is not a CGI effect from a Hollywood Movie. This natural disaster is gaining worldwide attention because of the tremendous visual impact of a giant hole in the middle of a large city. The hole formed as the result of a mudslide caused by tropical storm Agatha, which claimed the lives over over 100 people. The sinkhole is bigger than a city intersection and according to numerous sources over 300 feet deep.

CNN spoke with eyewitnesses who told them that a three-story building and a house fell into the sinkhole. There are unconfirmed reports that a security guard fell into the sinkhole when it opened up. This would be the only death related to this particular sinkhole. Other mudslides have occurred in the surrounding areas destroying homes.

Agatha is the first Pacific tropical storm of the season and it has caused disastrous damage in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. The Atlantic storm season is set to start later this month.

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