Google TV: The Highly Anticipated TV Platform

Tech News: Google TV

If you can never quite get enough of anything Google, the advent of Google TV is sure to get something tingling. Googleheads rejoiced today when Google made the announcement at their developers conference in San Francisco that it was working with Sony Corp. to merge the two biggest entertainment mediums, internet and television.

The Official Google Blog tells us that the new service is based on open platforms like the Android software and Google Chrome. It will combine existing TV programming with Internet video and make finding programs easier. Some neat features include a 'quick search box' where users can quickly look up and access TV broadcasts and web content. Those with an insatiable attention span can switch between watching a video from anywhere on the web to watching a live TV broadcast with one click, or even check out a website while watching a program.

Google TV arrives quite accessible, and can be used with any cable or satellite provider. However, a separate Google TV set-top box must be purchased. Taking a cue from how app-crazy everybody is these days, the Android software will open up access to the Android marketplace from Tvs. Developers are already in process of creating apps specifically for Google TV, such as a translation and captioning app.

The Google TV boxes are expected to be in stores by Fall 2010, and Christmas lists everywhere just became one item longer.