Rising Soccer Star Tragically Dies on Field


Alexis Pilkington, a veritable shining star of the All Country West Islip Girls Soccer Team, collapsed on the field during a NCAA Division IA Football Championship match. She was pronounced dead soon after. Although some are claiming everything from excessive strain to suicide, the cause of death remains a mystery and still as of yet unknown, reports The News Chronicle...

Friends, family, and even West Islip High School has gone into a state of wide swept mourning and are devastated by the sudden tragedy. West Islip Athletic Director, Tim Horan, sadly quotes that she was "an exceptionally talented player and her death is a great loss."

Recently leading her team to victory at the Long Island high school soccer championship, Pilkington was an athlete beloved by her peers. Undeniably one of the most promising young players on her team, Alexis rose above her teammates with her energetic, immeasurable skill on the field. She was on her way to securing a college scholarship grant with her athletic talents. Not just a frivolous hobby for Alexis, she was avidly chasing her dreams of soccer superstardom when her life came to a heartbreaking end. She was only 17.