David Cameron Leads Coalition Government After UK Election Failed To Provide Winner

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To win a general election under the rules of the British electoral system it is necessary to win 326 seats in Parliament. This has not happened and we are left waiting to find out what comes next. Millions of pounds has been spent on an election that has not produced a winner.

At mid-day on 7th May, FT London showed that the Conservative Party had won 291 seats with Labour bringing in 251. (There are still 29 results to declare from various parts of the country but this will not affect the outcome.) This means that neither of the main contenders can form a government. This is known as a "hung parliament". The way forward here is for one of the other political parties to form a coalition government with one of the larger parties in order to get that magic 326 seats in parliament. Rumor has it that a coalition will be formed between Conservative and Liberal Democrat but there is no formal announcement yet.

In among the voting frenzy several serious flaws in the system emerged as thousands of people were denied their right to vote. Queues of people were turned away when voting ended at 10pm on Thursday as there was no time to deal with them. Thousands of disenfranchised people expressed anger and there could be a case for legal action.

Update: David Cameron David Cameron to lead a coalition government of Conservatives and Liberal Democrats. Gordon Brown resigns.