Israeli Forces Attack Gaza Flotilla, Killing 19 Activists


A flotilla of ships from several countries was attempting to bring humanitarian aid to Palestinians in the blockaded Gaza strip. During the night, several ships were boarded by Israeli military personnel who fired on those aboard. Reports are estimating the dead at 19 with over 30 more wounded. The leaders of several nations in Europe and the Middle East have already condemned last night's actions by Israeli Forces. This incident will bring intense international attention to the plight of the civilians in Gaza.

This incident is widely regarded as excessive and disproportionate. The ship on which the worst violence occurred was flying the flag of Turkey. The Israeli military claims that its actions were necessary because its soldiers were under attack on the crowded vessel. Lt. Col. Avital Leibowitz told reporters that light weapons and handguns had been confiscated from civilians on the ship.

White House spokesman Bill Burton is quoted by CNN as saying that the United States "deeply regrets the loss of life and injuries sustained and is currently working to understand the circumstances surrounding this tragedy."