World's Tallest Skyscraper, Burj Khalifa, Officially Opened

The 160 story building measures over 828 meters (2,717 feet) to the top of the spire. Emaar, the developer announced the height during the Grand Opening, earlier this year, in order to add to the suspense. ...

New Pill Lorcaserin Could Be Cure For Obesity
Some investors believe Arena Pharmaceuticals hit a goldmine with their weight loss pill

Arena Pharmaceuticals Inc. claim that their experimental new weight-loss drug, Lorcaserin, helps adults lose weight and keep it off. Unlike many similar failed drugs of the past, side effects mostly include a quite manageable headache, dizziness, and nausea. The FDA is set to review Lorcaserin on September 16 ...

Boeing Buys Out Defense Specialists Argon ST for $775 Million
Business News: Boeing Co. has just acquired defense technology company Argon ST

Aviation powerhouse Boeing Co. has just acquired Argon ST for $775 million in a deal announced today. Argon, a systems engineering company offering intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance services to a wide range of customers, will become a standalone subsidiary of Boeing, and falling under a new division of Boeing Network & Space Systems...

Electric Automaker Tesla Motors' (TSLA) Stock Price Closes 40% above IPO Price on First Day
Business IPO News: Tesla's electric Model S, which the company hopes will reboot its fledgling empire

Tesla Motors, an electric car manufacturer, broke into the NASDAQ today with its share price closing around $7 above its initial offering price. Under the symbol TSLA, the stock officially made its debut at 11:26 a.m., and exceeded many expectations by closing 40% above its IPO price. In less than an hour, more than 8.4 million shares of Tesla stock had been traded, largely due to excitement over their newly announced Model S...

AP News overview: Tesla goes public

BP's Stock Price & the U.K. Economy
Business Stock Market News: UK Flag with BP stock price graph

When the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig caught fire on April 20, BP's stock price (which barely budged that day) reflected a market capitalization of about $189 billion. About 40% of this wealth was held in the U.K. ...

19 Year Old Teen Buys a House With Hogs
Business News: Lindsay Binegar

Now here's a girl who can really bring home the bacon! Lindsay Binegar, now 19 and a freshman at Ohio University - Chillicothe campus, has just purchased a four-bedroom, two-bathroom, two-car garage house. Who really saves up for college anymore?...

MyWeboo: Third Start-Up Company for High School Senior
Business Startup News: Diane Keng

If you haven't quite gotten your fill of feelings of inadequacy today, take a look at Diane Keng, who is now on her third start-up company, something the 18-year old must've worked on after Advanced Placement economics homework. Instead of dozing off to droning English teachers, Ms. Keng was minding a booth at the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco today, pitching her internet company,

Dow Jones Takes a 900 Point Plunge
Business stock market news: Dow Jones Index, 900 point plunge

The Dow Jones took a no-holds barred nosedive some 900 points in the blink of an eye...
Video: MSNBC discusses global issues as the market plunges

Greece's EU/IMF bailout: $147 billion
  • Greece's GDP was $342 billion in 2009 according to the CIA.
  • In order to attract financing, Greece was paying investors over 15% annually for two-year government bonds prior to the loan bailout.
Frontier Bank Fails and Closes, Acquired By Union Bank
Business & Economic News: FDIC Logo

Frontier Bank, based in Everett, Washington, was shut down Friday evening by government regulators. Almost immediately after, it was promptly bought up by San Francisco-based Union Bank. So ends the more than 30 year run of Washington's second largest commercial bank...

HP Buys Long Suffering Palm Brand For $1.2 Billion
Business & Tech News: PalmPilot

Before the iPhone, even before the Blackberry, there was the PalmPilot. On the cutting edge of technology and in the pocket of every suit back in the late nineties, Palm Computing pioneered the Personal Digital Assistant (PDAs). Though the company has found moderate success as of late in the smartphone market with their Palm Centro and Pre models, their weak market share is indicative of the shortcomings that have plagued the company for some time now...

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