Colombian Model a "Queen-Pin" of Drug Trafficking Ring

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Colombian beauty Angela Sanclemente, 30, was arrested on Wednesday on drug trafficking charges. Investigators, who have hunted Sanclemente since March, are calling her a formidable "queen-pin" and believe Sanclemente oversaw an international operation that used models to smuggle suitcases loaded with cocaine out of the Buenos Aires airport.

Angela Sanclemente was picked up at the K-Lodges Hostel in Argentina, where she was posing as 'Annie' from Mexico. Though she was alone at the hostel when arrested, Argentine police had previously detained a few suspected members of the drug-trafficking gang. Some of those previously arrested had named Sanclemente as a ringleader according to CNN.

Though she remains in Airport-Security Police offices at the Ezeiza International Airport, Angela still insists on her innocence: "I'm very sad and hurt by the bad information. I don't know how the press can destroy an innocent person. I don't want to go to jail. I don't deserve it. I am innocent," she pleads. Her mother also staunchly defends her, saying that "there is a plot against her," although, much of her credibility was brought into question when she told reporters that she would only agree to an interview if she were paid. "I need the money to help my daughter," she claimed.

Former model, aspiring actress and all-around sketchy person, Sanclemente first registered as a blip on the radar when she won Colombia's Queen of Coffee beauty pageant at 20 years old, only to be stripped of her title two days later when judges uncovered that she had been married, which was against competition rules. The marriage in question lasted only three months to an unknown Colombian businessman, who paid for Sanclemente's university tuition in Journalism. It turned out to be a bad investment (or good, depending how you look at it), as she dropped out after only three semesters and spent the rest of the tuition fund on breast implants.