Violent Storms in North East Including Bridgeport & Philadelphia; Possible Tornado
US News: Philadelphia & Bridgeport storm damage

A violent and sudden change in the weather (including a possible tornado) ripped a path through many North-Eastern cities including Philadelphia & Bridgeport. Wind speeds were reported at 75 mph around Philly. Nine buildings were partially or fully collapsed ...
Video documents the destruction immediately following the storm

Congressman Bob Etheridge Assaults Young Student Wanting Interview
US News, North Carolina: Video shot of Congressman Bob Etheridge assaulting student reporter.

North Carolina Congressman Bob Etheridge came under fire today when a viral video surfaced of him attacking a hapless student who tried to question him. He was asked about his thoughts on the Obama agenda just before he flew into a rage, grabbing and berating the surely intimidated young man...

Congressman Bob Etheridge Caught on Video

Mysterious Widow Leaves $4.5 Million Estate to Hometown
US News: Verna Oller

Ninety eight-year old Verna Oller, who passed away recently, has given her hometown of Long Beach, Washington something to remember her by: an astounding $4.5 million donation. ...

Helen Thomas Makes Bizarre Comment About Jews in the Midst of Crisis in Gaza
US News: Helen Thomas source wikimedia

As you can see from the file photo, Helen Thomas has been a part of the White House Press Corp since before most of us were born. She was 25 years old when Allied Forces liberated those fortunate to have survived the Nazi concentration camps. On May 27, 2010 she suggested that the Jews should go back to Germany...
Video of Helen Thomas's comments

McDonald's Recalls Cadmium-Tainted Shrek Glassware
US News: McDonalds recalls shrek glasses

The fast food mega chain has pulled approximately 12 million units of Shrek drinking glasses which were recently discovered to have cadmium in the paint designs. ...

Celebrate National Donut Day With a Free Donut

Are you salivating like Homer J. Simpson right now? Today is officially National Doughnut (or Donut) Day in the United States of America. Donut shops big and small are helping folks celebrate with free donuts. Participating retailers include Krispy Creme and Dunkin Donuts...

Oil from BP Spill to Hit Pensacola Beach
US News, Florida: Pensacola Beach, source Wikimedia

Residents of Pensacola Florida are waiting for the imminent arrival of oil from the worst oil spill in US history. There are reports of surface oil just a few miles from the beach...

Florida's Tourism industry: ~$60 Billion / year.
Glenn Beck's Open Call for "Weiner Facts"
US News & Politics: Glenn Beck's Weiner Facts

What is essentially the grown-up, political equivalent to slanderous remarks on a high-school locker, talk show host Glenn Beck has been set off on a mock-fueled tirade against House of Representatives Democrat, Anthony Weiner...

Rookie Rand Paul Claims Kentucky's Republican Senate Primary
US News, Kentucky: Senator Rand Paul

In a humiliating and crushing defeat, newbie Rand Paul was voted the new Republican Senate primary in Kentucky over supposedly favored Secretary of State, Trey Grayson. Rand, with the strength of the Tea Party and ...

Video: Rand Paul's Victory Speech

Joshua Tell Warner, Deadliest Catch 'Greenhorn', Guilty Of Bank Robbery
US News: Deadliest Catch, greenhorn bank robber mug shot

'Deadliest Catch', 'Wizard' crewman, Joshua Tell Warner, 23, pled guilty to three counts of second degree bank robbery on May 13, 2010. An Oregon court sentenced Warner to 9½ years in prison.

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